The Combat Zone - The Afghanistan desert.

A landscape of dust and sand and relentless temperatures.


Corporal Katie Walker is a British Army Combat Trauma Medic.  Katie has never wanted a man - until now.


US Marine Staff Sergeant Joe Anderson is a hardened, grizzled veteran -

a 'by the book' Marine.  Committed to his mistress, the US Marine Corp, Joe has never wanted a woman - until now.


The First Meeting - No fancy restaurant, fine manners or glittering attire but blood,

pain and trauma.

Their attraction to each other is instantaneous and intense.


Living life on the edge, away from loved ones, is what Katie and Joe feel real or an illusion?

Then Joe is gone - and may never return.


Is their love strong enough to withstand  the horrors of war?

Or is it doomed to be destroyed by something far worse?




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"Can a love borne admidst the harsh realities of conflict and trauma survive, or is it destined to perish?"

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For the Love of a Marine

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